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‘THE SOLUTION X-PLOSION!’ – it’s the zone CONFUZONE’S DEBUT EP, n’ it speaks about the exact thing what CONFUZONE is all about what we have to write n’ offer, the disgusting realities in which the mankind’s dying out n’ killing on which only leads to Disastrous X-plosion of Eternal Death!
We are extremely grateful for each n’ every one for supporting us to build up the zone, encouraging us, loving us, hearing us our previous singles/demos n’ empowering us thru our live shows, Well , ‘THE SOLUTION X-PLOSION!’ is dedicated to each n’ everyone who is LIVING ON X-tremely helding their heads up high in spite, of the eternal death surrounding each n’ every moment in the worldly world of disgust filled filthy realities n’ mentalities.
Hails n’ mighty Horns for all...X-plode ON!


All the songs are Written, composed, arranged n’ Performed X-clusively, By~ CONFUZONE, [Darjeeling, India]
Artwork, Logo, Cover designs : SOMLUCK ART, Bangkok, Thailand. By~ Somluck Sapeanthong
Recorded at: ANOMALY SOUND DESIGNS, Sukna, Darjeeling, India. By~ Akash Sherpa [If Hope Dies, India]
Engineered, Mixed n’ Mastered at: CRAWLSPACE PRODUCTIONS, Australia . By~ Joe Haley [Psycroptic – mighty Tasmanian extreme Death metal giants, Australia]
Produced By: X-PLOZONE PIT Inc, Darjeeling, India. [Mr. n’ Mrs. M.K. Khawas]
(All the materials belongs to X-plozone Pit Inc, T.N. Road, Darjeeling, India)
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