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Story Setting:

Once upon a time there lived an ordinary man who, due to a freak chemical accident, received some extraordinary powers. He could steal time from the lives of other living things to extend his own. When he first realized this, he was bewildered. But, as he calmed down, he started exploring his new ability and learning its extent and limitations. During his path of exploration, he discovered that not only could he steal time itself, he could also manipulate it. This meant that he could travel through time itself and exist at multiple places at the same time. But he also realized that there was a downside to his abilities. He seemed to have been forgotten completely by the people he interacted with in his lifetime. This also held true with the people he interacted with during his time traveling adventures. Everyone’s memories about him seemed to be erased the moment he left a particular time to travel to another. If he visited that particular time again, then he would have to restart his relationships with others. After pondering over it for a while, he accepted this as his fate and continued his journey towards immortality while stealing time from living beings at regular intervals. That is until he met The Joker, an extraterrestrial being who claimed to have come to Earth to destroy him because of the apparent disruptions, in the balance of space-time, he had caused due to him utilizing his abilities. What happened afterwards is better left to the listeners’ imagination.

In short, “The Time Thief” acts as a soundtrack to the action-packed story of the man who could steal time itself.


The Sound:

While the earlier albums of Home Brewed Universe saw Arka Sengupta focusing on old-school progressive rock and blending it with modern-day post-rock sensibilities with a lot of soloing, The Time Thief sees the multi-instrumentalist walk down a different path. The progressive rock/post-rock flavor is still there in the album but it is now more focused on riff-based song structures with melodic outlines. In short, this album is what you can call truly post-progressive (if that is a thing at all).  

about the band

Home Brewed Universe is a one-man instrumental rock project started by multi-instrumentalist, Arka Sengupta, in early 2019. He started this project to explore the heavier side of musical sensibilities that he couldn’t do with his ambient/post-rock/experimental project, Mixtaped Monk. ...

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