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White Mug believes in creating something real and live and that's what this EP is all about. Catchy melodies, rock n roll grooves, startling harmonica sections, cowbells and tambourine with guitar licks cutting through is what you can expect. The energy of White Mug translates all this into a sound never heard before. Most of the songs are on the happier side, though there is a twist to the tale, just like human emotions. 
Our sincere thanks to Jason Zachariah for the EP production and special trumpet performance for the TAP SONG. Realm for the cover, Bhama Narayanan, Renoy Robert, Soona Rachel, Yshu Curlz, Deepa Kurup, Tania Corrine and an endless list of you all.
Above all, we would like to thank all our supporters for following us and buying music, without which we would have never been able to create what we have so far. Your contribution to independent bands/artists of India and MUSIC is priceless. You guys keep us going and we promise to give you more...
Love, Peace, Rock n Roll!!!!
Parental Advisory - Explicit Lyrics
about the band
"When we used to gather at the BTM smoke house- 'Asylum', a place that produced a few bands like us, we never thought White Mug would shape up. 
It's all about the way we have fun. In 2011 we started covering songs that we adored ...

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