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“Think Void” is an easy-listening instrumental album, keeping the listener at its core. The album transports the listener on a journey of the web and the world that we all are part of, and into the intriguing void that is all around us! 


The title of the album, ‘Think Void’ is an attribution to the greatness of the Void - that which makes all of what we sense and what we think, actually manifest! When you Think Void, you are automatically a part of the thought manifestation process to create reality!


All of what we sense is made of 5 fundamental elements (called Panchabhootha in Sanskrit), namely Earth (Prithvi), Water (Jal), Fire (Agni), Air (Vayu) and Ether (Akasha). This album is centred around the element Akasha (Ether or Space or Void) which holds various manifestations in this universe. It’s an element that’s SMALLER than the SMALLEST and BIGGER than the BIGGEST - All PERVASIVE! Ether or Void can be sensed only through hearing (Of Sound and Ear), which makes it all the more relevant for music!


The Album has 3 metaphors - World, Void and Web. While the Web metaphor depicts man-made flaws and imperfections in this world, the World metaphor depicts affection, help and co-existence as the essence of human life. Void metaphor depicts the element that’s believed to be the source of all creation and creativity.


Web is exemplified by “Like all else, this too shall pass. It’s neither the world nor its end”.


World is exemplified by “Be aware Within. Be good to all creation, within and without.” 


Void is exemplified by “We exist because of it. We are in it and It is in us”.

Featuring Collaborations with Legends Baiju Dharmajan, Dr Prakash Sontakke and Keith Peters
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