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This album talks of my journey, about the ups and downs and how I dealt with it. I have had a relatively lonely upbringing as I was sent to Delhi back in 1997 when I was only just a kid. My family was away for most part of the year. As a kid, you look for somebody who can be your guiding hand. It was during those times that music came to me as solace. It comforted me and became my best friend. The first song in this album ‘Independent Route’ talks more specifically about this phase of my life, and how music also eventually made me meet some of my very good friends.

Like everyone else, I have had my quarter life crisis, my own relationship and career issues. I have had times when nothing was going right. These strong emotions can be felt in my songs.

I have met someone very special now who has been a strong supporting pillar, an inspiration, a cushion I could count on when I fall. The album closes with "Receding" which concludes this chapter, this phase. I feel I've overcome some of my doubts and I'm hopeful that together we will reverse the mighty tide ahead of us.

about the band

Born in Doimukh, Arunachal pradesh, India. In 2002, Takar was gifted his first guitar on the condition that he could not let his academics take a back seat, a concern that holds true even today, for several Indian families.
After moving his base to New Delhi in 1998, Takar spent the...

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