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While writing this EP, Biswas wanted to answer some questions he had about music and its presentation. Can a song (or a piece of music) hold up without the best production? What does it really mean for music to sound finished or professional?


These thoughts began to take hold when Shoumik revisited Daniel Johnston's early work. He found Johnston's popular 1983 album, Hi How Are You? particularly interesting. The simplicity of the cassette recordings stood out to him. The resulting sound had a nostalgic yet melancholic charm to it.


This led to him rediscovering cultural artifacts from his past while isolation measures have a lot of us stagnating in the present, without a trace of what the future could be. Thoughts to Melt to was recorded live in his home studio while the country was in lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

about the band

Disco Puppet aka Shoumik Biswas is an electronic music producer/composer. He is also part of Bangalore based label/collective, ConsolidateVisit the Disco Puppet page

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