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Some journeys are meant to be walked alone - this is not one of those. Four musical souls with generous doses of whimsy and madness rooted in experimental funk found each other in music college. Some moons and a generous cat loving Finn later, the album "Tidy Funk" makes its appearance. A little Latin sway, jazzy harmonies, smooth R&B notes tied together with a love of experimental funk... from us to you. Presenting: "Tidy Funk".

about the band

ChandBibi and the Waste Candidates are an experimental funk band based in Bangalore, India. Band members originate from various parts of India and are: Mana Dhanraj (Vocals) Sidhant Jain (Guitar) Kavita Sarna (Bass) and Navneet Rao (Drums). Their music incorporates rich vocal layers over La...

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