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I'm sure each and everyone of us has had that special person in his/her life who has been the most prominent one throughout and sure as hell we couldn't have imagined our life without them but unfortunately things do take an unexpected turn sometimes , we lose them.... we are heartbroken, we are shattered but keeping aside all our grievances ... somewhere, deep inside our heart... we are happy and thankful for it happened.... though it's gone now... but we are glad it happened! 
That's Tum Ho Yahan! ❤
about the band

Achal Nayyar is an independent artist from Faridabad who dreamt of becoming a musician during his time of graduation in Pune. He is inspired by a number of Indie bands from the country. Being a big fan of John Mayer, B.B King, Guns N Roses, FKJ, Coldplay, Kodaline etc. he draws big inspirat...

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