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Tumse Na Ho Payega, Indi Graffiti's debut album, is a culmination of songs that have been carefully chosen from a list of craftily composed and perfected-over-time songs, that narrate the thoughts, illustrate the sound and showcase the chemistry of the band.


The album is an amalgamation of the bands' sound with Indian and contemporary elements, exploring different and interesting subjects, riding on Carnatic-sounding vocals and pop-rock instrumentation and ambling around a positive course, for most parts, with songs that emote necessary elements of surprise and that provide a trippy texture to the album.

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about the band
Indi Graffiti is a Hindi graffiti Rock (Yes! that’s a genre!) band from the pub capital of India. The band brings together an amalgamation of free artistic expression with sincere lyrics and simple yet soulful tunes with the power of good ol’ rock n roll. This genre of free ar...

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