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"Tuzyakade..." is Marathi independent music project. Its an honest attempt to blend contemporary sounds with classic Marathi poetry and melody oriented tunes. 4 songs are sung by renowned and versatile singer Jasraj Joshi (SaReGaMaPa winner) and one special track is sung by leading Marathi playback singer Aanandi Joshi. The project includes classic poetry from legendary Marathi poets ;Sant Tukaram, Kusumagraj , Grace and Arati Prabhu. All songs are composed by Sanket Puranik.
Album Credits:
Dhyaas- Kusumagraj
Taisech Tikade Pahijel- Sant Tukaram
Nilaai- Grace
Divelagan- Arati Prabhu
Singers: Jasraj Joshi (Dhyaas, Taisech Tikade Pahijel, Nilaai- Male, Divelagan)
      Aanandi Joshi (Nilaai- Female)
Music Arrangements: Onkar Tarkase, Anunaad Dalvi.
Additional Music Arrangements(Divelagan): Gaurav Korgaonkar
Flute: Sandeep Kulkarni (Taisech Tikade Pahijel, Nilaai- Female)
       Avdhoot Joshi (Dhyaas)
Sarangi: Shahrukh Khan
Saxophone: K. Mahendra
Guitars: Onkar Tarkase
Bass Guitar: Amit Gadgil
Mandolin: Anunaad Dalvi
about the band

Making music is an absolute personal journey for Sanket Puranik. He believes in his music to be free of all the shackles or so called genres. Being an introvert in nature, his music is what gives wings to his expressions, sets him free.


Experimenting with differ...

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