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Su Real’s most meticulously crafted output to date Twerkistan is a collection of singles that coalesce into a cohesive combat unit.From start to finish, each track is as relentless as Su Real’s DJ sets and live performances. Featuring songs in English and Hindi, there are epic drops and catchy hooks for the club kids and festival fanatics as well as poetic nuance and pop culture references that would appeal to afficianados. Su Real’s original productions fuse a wide range of the latest styles of international dance music with traditional desi motifs to yield sonic weapons that decimate dance floors. If the secret mission statement of Twerkistan is to blow you away, you better hold on to something. 


Anthemic title-track Twerkistan escalates a hip hop beat into footwork territory. The driving build-ups of Soldiers culminate in dubstep drops and rapid-fire kuduro. East West Rude Boy Mash Up Ting teases with tribal house before breaking down into a half-time groove. Fitness Pump, Jhook Gyal and Turn Up are paeans to the therking dance with moombahton twists. Turban Shake is possibly the first mid tempo bhangra garage hybrid ever. Sufi Salute and Axomic Bounce are adroit demonstrations of Su Real’s sampling skills as he maneuvers folk traditions into the nightclub. Kabaddi and Daku are Su Real’s trap foundations at their most formidable. Thuggee and Pagal take to the streets for some grit and gangsta flavor while Pakis in Paris is a tongue-in-cheek sub continental ode to Jay-Z and Kanye West’s Niggas in Paris. Album closer Rave Bust is a fitting and valiant tribute to the Indian electronic dance music scene in the face of adversity and suppression by the authorities.


Collaborators on the album include a diverse range of Indian talent. One of the strongest rock & roll voices in India, Tanya Nambiar sings on title-track Twerkistan and Soldiers. Vocalists like General Zooz (Reggae Rajahs), P-Man (Shaa’ir n Func, ViceVersa) and Charles Dickenson (Low Rhyderz) drop raps respectively on Soldiers, Fitness Pump and Pakis In Paris. Two of India’s upcoming bass music kingpins Mr. Doss and Ritviz each collaborate with Su Real on the music for Pagal and Turn Up respectively. Karma, Delhi’s veteran DJ who pioneered the first hip hopparties in the capital picks up the mic to deliver two Hinglish club bangers JhookGyal and Thuggee. Collaborating on the lyrics to each tune, even Su Real helms the vocal duties himself on Twerkistan, Fitness Pump, and Turn Up. Meanwhile, Malaysia-based Ravinderjit Singh of Diplomats of Drum contributes percussion to Turban Shake and Rohan Kurukshetra (PCRC) contributes vocal talents for Rave Bust. Finally New Zealand-based Jatin Puri (Pippin) is responsible for mastering duties.


In the words of the self-proclaimed “Sultan of Twerkistan” himself, “Making music that moves the masses is a game the artist plays with one listener at a time. Thereare twists, there are turns, and if you are triumphant to the test … there are twerks.”

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