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Esmond's debut album " Two and Two is Four !?" talks about the paradoxical situations we often find ourselves in, takes us on a rollercoaster ride of emotional highs and lows, and above all makes these stories easy to relate to, like we’ve been there ourselves. 

1. Two and two is four

2. I have been waiting for you

3. Darling not today

4. Lost in nursery rhymes and fairy tales 5) Tonight

5. Lafz

6. Shooting Star

7. When you were gone

Esmond Lama - Guitar (4, 5 ,6) , Vocals - (1-8) 
Tajdar Junaid - Guitar (1-8)
Rohan Ganguli - Guitar (1-8), bass (1-7)
Rabi L'Roy - bass (8)
Avinash Chordia - Drums and percussion (1-7) 
Dwaipayan Dwai Saha (8)
Samrat Mukherjee - keys (1-2,7,8)
Siddhanth Dey - keys (4,5,6)
Mixed and Mastered at Jukeboxx by Dev Basak Debu 
Recorded at Resonance (Kolkata)
Recording engineer - Sanjoy Ghosh
Artwork done by Snehil Singh
All songs are composed written by Esmond Lama
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