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"Upeksha" is a bollywood movies directed & producerd by Ravindra khare,

Starring- Rakhi swant,Dr.laxshmi narayan,Razak khan,Kabina Maharjan,Neha Joshi and Ravindra khare.

Track 01-Upeksha (film) chhanana

Singer -Nitin Raikwar,Ravinddra khare and Sunil Bari

Music composer &song writer-Nitin Raikwar

Track02-Upeksha(film) itana tumhe

Singer -Ravindra Khare & Aasim 

Music composer & Song writer-Ravinddra khare

Ravinddra khare
about the band

Ravinddra khare is,lyricst,music director,film writer –director,singer and actor. He did so many,songs, ad,TV serials and films .He born at Sagar in Madhya Pradesh(india), he had an instinct of music and creative work from very early childhood. .He did my primary education from Sagar ...

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