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Title - Wagh Deva ( Secret Sessions X Collab Stories ) 
Artist - Sparsh The Band , Prakash Bhoir
Feruring Artist - Sanket Naik , Vineeth Jayan
Singer & Songwriter - Prakash Bhoir
Lyricest - Prakash Bhoir
Music Producers - Rahul Bhavsar , Virendra kaith , Nikhil pachpande , Ajinkya Jadhav , Sanket Naik , Vineeth Jayan
Language - Marathi 
Genre - Folk Fusion / Sub Genre Electronic Folk Fusion 
(C)&(P)2021 CollabStories
About The Song:
Wagh Deva, an 'Adivasi' song describes how the Adivasi communities are fed up of urbanisation, deforestation, merciless killing of animals & losing the essence of living within the actual nature. So now they are praying to Wagh Deva (Tiger God) to save their community and other beings of the forest from the destruction of their land & the surroundings that they love the most. They are also asking 'Hirva dev' which is nature itself to come & save them so they can be one with nature & happily live a peaceful life.
About the Singer Songwriter  lyricist, Prakash Bhoir:
Prakash Bhoir belongs to the Malhar Koli Adivasi community. He lives in Keltipada, a hamlet in the green Aarey Colony in Goregaon, north Mumbai. A Mumbaikar by birth, 47-year-old Prakash is now a maintenance worker for BEST staff buses.
One day while returning back home from work, the thought about the 'Aarey Jungle' protest hit him hard. 'Mumbai is so populated yet only 3-4 thousand people participated in the Aarey protest in 2019'!! 
The thought pinched him that instead of protecting, our mother nature is infinitely harmed by its own people. He penned down his pain and feelings & named it 'Wagh Deva'.
Prakash is also an activist who is disheartened looking at the destruction happening all around and wants to motivate the people to save the forests..save nature.
Wagh Deva, a Secret Sessions X CollabStories is a collaborative effort by Sparsh The Band and few wonderful musicians to spread this message of unity & strength.
Aplya gharacha re satyanash kela
Wagh deva jungle vachvaya tu dhav ra
Paryavarnacha re satyanash kela
Wagh deva jungle vachvaya tu dhav ra
Jungle vachvaya tu dhav ra
Apli Zhada Vachvaya tu dhav ra
Wagh deva Jungle Vachvaya tu dhav ra
Aplya gharacha re satyanash kela
Wagh deva jungle vachvaya tu dhav ra
Udhavasta zhala jeevan, pakshyanchi tutli gharti
Geli amchi sheti haravali nati goti
Hee nati vachvaya tu dhav ra
Amchi sheti Vachavaya tu dhav ra
Wagh Deva Jungle Vachvaya tu dhav ra
Kalli hi nahi jyana ya nisargachi mahati,
Hirva deva mhanti jyala he adivasi
Hirvayi Vachvaya tu dhav raa
Hirvayi Vachvaya tu dhav raa
Hirvya deva jungle Vachvaya tu dhav ra
Paryavarnacha re satyanash kela
Wagh deva jungle Vachvaya tu dhav ra
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