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The debut EP by Ramya Pothuri


Produced by Rishi Bradoo and Ronit Sarkar

Mixed by Rishi Bradoo

Mastered by Ayan De

Artwork by Ankita Dhal

Album Personnel: Ramya Pothuri - Vocals, Guitar Ronit Sarkar - Guitar, Keys, Vocals Linford D'Souza - Percussion Yohann Coutinho - Bass Tanya Shukla - Violin Niki Shukla - Violin Additional backing vocals by Rohan Banja, Aarti Kuber and Rishi B
about the band

Ramya Pothuri is a 20 year old singer-songwriter. After living and performing in St. Louis, MO, she moved to Hyderabad, India, at age 16, where she became an avid performer in the city's hotel and restaurant circuit, including a 6 month stint at the Tride...

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