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The songs of this album belong to the plays "Namma Metro", A play which was declared as a "Ever green hit" by the media and public deals about the story of 4 people and their views on how the city has been transformed into a big METRO and  the challenges around it. Written and Directed by Abhishek Iyengar, this play has been staged at many major theatre festivals in India.
The second play which has its songs included in the album is "Mirror. Mirror", A play written and directed by Madhuvanthi G of WeMove deals about the various body image issues in the present society, the play also won WeMove Theatre "The best Independent Theatre company award" at an International Theatre festival.
The album also consists of a song from the play "Nannavala Kagada", The play now directed by Hanu Ramasanjeev is the oldest play of WeMove, it was once regarded in print media as this play could be a medicine in terms of 'laughter therapy' for different kinds patients, this humorous play deals about a simple plot and has captivated the audience for over more than 3 years now.
The last of the play songs that makes into the album is from a English sitcom called "P.S I Dont love you" , again written and directed by Abhishek Iyengar. The songs from this play are very popular. All the above songs are composed by WeMove Theatre's music Director "Abhishek Narain", Abhishek Narain has been part of many music bands before adorning the hat of music director for WeMove.
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WeMove Theatre (WT) was formed with the dreams of achieving new heights of creativity in the field of theatre. WeMove Theatre believes that ‘Theatre should be approachable to all’. WeMove Theatre dreams of creating a ‘Theatre ecosystem’ where Thea...

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