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This album has got same song but in three different styles; Twilight, Acoustic & Electronic. 


The song "Will You Be My Valentine" is composed and sung by Mukesh Rathore aka Mukky. He composed this song about 7 years ago on Valentine Day itself during a casual jamming session with one of his friends. He then handed over the composition to Kaustubh Pednekar for lyrics. Kaustubh himself is a composer and passionate choreographer. 



The twilight version is programmed by Jaykrishnan Unnithan (JK) who is an excellent keyboardist and currently making very good progress in Bollywood industry. He has worked with Leading singers like Shaan.


The acoustic version is arranged by Guitarist Prasad Shinde & Mukky. Prasad used to be a software professional but now he is a full time Guitarist. You will definitely enjoy the riffs he has played. 


The last version (Electronic) is programmed by banner Layer Music Project which is owned by Chaitanya Bulusu. LAYER has a very unique style of programming electronic music. They use less elements but effectively. Their strategy is to keep things simple, interesting and unique. 


Even though all three songs in this album are same however all of them will give you different feel of the song. The team has tried their best to make all three versions musically different as much as we could.

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about the band

Mukesh Rathore (mukky) is a singer-songwriter from Mumbai, India. He is well trained Indian classical vocalist. He won a singing championship called Corporate Talent Championship in 2012. He is also a live performer and performed in several countries. 


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