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Windswept is a collection of original compositions, all of them instrumental. The tracks, Windswept and Those were the days were written in the late '80's and the rest of the tracks happened between then and 2012. Ravi was busy doing other things, so its been a long time in the making!


The album was released in Dec 2013 and has been quite well received by people who have had the opportunity to listen to the tracks. The tracks span across multiple genres. Listeners have commented on how they could relate to blues, rock, and some fusion of jazz & Indian classical. It does'nt matter as long as one likes it!


The music is meant for easy listening at any time of the day by people of all age groups. Hopefully, you will connect with the underlying melodies and connect with Ravi's thought process when he wrote and recorded these tunes. There's a story behind almost every track ... the main theme being freedom and living and enjoying each day as it comes ... sort of a para-glider's experience.

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