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Song written and composed by S A Alok.
Music Directors notes:
"Mohabbath", this song was not written with a cup of coffee and cigarette in a studio...The words were penned when the beloved was close to the heart feeling bliss, and again when the beloved moved away. The words denote tears and joy when holding hands together and silence speaks, just like watching the passing clouds....
Every heartbeat in love is original so is this song, every time you meet the beloved it has different feelings so is this song...hope you enjoy listening to the song of the heart...
about the band
Pratibha Kulkarni is an Indian Singer.Artist.Performer from Belgaum. She is trained in Indian Classical Vocals under Shri. Nandan Herlekar. She loves experimenting different genres and is versatile singing in Hindi, Kannada,Marathi & English. She is an ac...

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