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All music written & performed by aswekeepsearching
Produced by Adhiraj Singh & aswekeepsearching
Executive producer: Infoanalytica
Recorded at Gray Spark Studios, Pune & Bluetree studios, Ahmedabad
Recorded, Mixed and mastered by Adhiraj Singh at Refractor, Pune
Lyrics: Uddipan Sarmah
Tabla & percussions: Sambit Chatterjee
Strings: Ajay Jayanthi
Sitar: Rishab Seen
Additional acoustic guitar: Willy Stewart
Artwork : Hanisha Tirumalasetty
Layout & typography: Sachin Banandur
about the band

Imagine a bard, sweating blood in an isolated room and pounding a pen against the table in  preparation for his next opus. Now imagine your boys next door, perched on a stage as they take their audience on an emotional journey whilst strumming away. Slam those two images tog...

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