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“Zindagi- LIFE; this is my journey till now. Smiles, Tears, Togetherness and Separations, the emotions that I experienced in different times of my life; moments that I can never forget, is put across as an album. I hope you like it and can relate the songs to your life too. Keep Smiling. Cheers!!”…..Uddipan
All songs recorded and engineered at Lighting Lanterns Studio, Bangalore
Mixed and mastered by Sanjay and Uddipan
Album Artwork by Sonika Sil
Album design and layout by Gaurav Basu
Photo Credits- Nikhil and Tarun (Imajin Creatura)
about the band


Born in a small city of Assam, Sibsagar; Uddipan’s musical journey began watching his father and sister singing duet numbers.He has always been passionate about art and took keen interest in acting, dancing and playing volleyball.
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