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All the lovely people who worked on this album of mine.
Sonam Lama - Acoustic Guitars
Sanjeev Baraili - Acoustic, Electric Guitars & Backing Vocals
Gopal Rasaili - Arrangements, Acoustic & Electric Guitars
Almoda Rana Uprety - Arrangements, Synths & Piano
Sujit Shahi - Bass, Backing Vocals
Sudhan Bajracharya - Drums
Sanzip Rai - Mixing
Bizu Karmacharya - Mixing
Chetan Karki - Arragements
Bikash Bhujel - Arrangements, Electric Guitars
Jackowacko - Bass & Trumpet
Daniel Subba - Keys & Piano
Shawn Pyngrope - Bass
Manzil Bikram KC - Mixing
Shyam Bagdas - Recording
Ujjwal Mahat - Recording
Kharka Budha Magar - Madal & Khaijadi
Pradeep Joshi - Mixing & Mastering
Special Thanks to Bhanu Bhakta Dahal, Shambhu Baniya, Shyam Basnet, Ujjwal and Sarita Pradhananga.
about the band

Adrian started playing music as a young child in school at Kalimpong, where he spent his growing years. He left for Kathmandu in the early ‘90s and started work as a teacher offering music lessons to children. While in Kathmandu, he went on to form and became a core member of one...

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