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The self titled debut album by Lagori reflects the face of the modern Indian youth, by combining Indian classical melodies and inflections with Rock music, resulting in an interesting mix that is high on energy, while being catchy and soulful at the same time.
While we had a blast composing and compiling this album, it was also a crazy roller-coaster ride involving insanely loud jam sessions, late nights in the studio, ridiculously early morning rehearsals, missed dinners, foregone dates, mood swings, cranky fights with each other and making up over beer -- and not to mention missing deadlines!  
In this sea of madness, we sincerely want to thank:

- Our families, for not putting us up for adoption! 

- Our (much much) better halves for telling us we were going to make it big, even on days where it felt like the dream was fading

- Our friends for coming  to all our gigs, you have been our pillar of support during this wonderful ride

- Our colleagues and bosses at work for not firing us 

- Vinyl’s parents for putting up with our loud jam sessions and his neighbors for not calling  the cops

- Various pubs in Bangalore for tolerating the ruckus we made while we ordered beers for hours

- Our dogs for listening to us rant and rave about nothing in particular

- Jason Zachariah for helping us in our initial demo recordings

- Tony Das for helping us out with our guitar sound

- Hriday for being more than co-operative and answering calls at any point in time and making umpteen number of changes in the mixes.

We’d specially like to thank Gaurav Vaz our manager for helping us right from the start of our journey to where we are today.
We love all you guys! There is no way this album could have been made without any of you. Thank you for believing in us and for being there!
Tejas Shankar - Vocals
Geeth Vaz - Electric/ Acoustic Guitar/ Backing Vocals
Edward Rasquinha - Acoustic Guitar/ Backing Vocals
Shalini Mohan - Bass Guitar/ Backing Vocals
Vinyl Kumar - Drums/Shakers/Cajon/ Backing vocals
Lyrics - Shashank VS (1,2,4,6,8) Tejas Shankar (3,7)
Hriday Goswami - Melodica (7)
Jithin Roshan - Violin (4,7,8)
Sandeep Vashisht - Flute (2)
Saroja - Dilruba (3)
Lakshmanan - Nadaswaram (5)
Music produced & mixed by Hriday Goswami
Mastered by Ashish Manchanda
Recorded at Pranava Studios and Nathaniel Production House 
Mastered at Flying Carpet Productions
Manek D'Silva - Album Art/ Inlay
Photography – Vishwas Avathi, Neil Dsouza, Almeen Arif, Panidhar Revanur , Martin Arvind, Susnato Chatterji and Whats the Scene.
Album Content- Arjun Arayambeth and Shalini Mohan
Logo – Bharat M C
All tracks composed by Lagori. All rights reserved. Unauthorized copying, hiring, lending, public performance, and broadcasting of this record are prohibited.
about the band


'Lagori' is a popular South Indian street game that -is also known as ‘Lingorchya’, ‘Pitthu’ and ‘Sitoliya’ in various other parts of India.  This game is played by targeting a pile of seven stones. Our band's fascinat...

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