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Mono Aji takes its inspiration from Paimona Bideh Ki Khumaar Astam, a much loved kalaam by Omar Khayyam, a Sufi poet and thinker (1048-1132 A.D.). It is not a translation of the original song in Pashto/Dari, rather an adaptation, an expression of the emotions it evoked in us.
This is a song about a forest, which anticipates the coming of the rain. The rain is the embodiment of the beloved, a metaphor borrowed from the long literary tradition of Radha-Krishna motifs. The original song plays with another set of traditional motifs – the wine and the wine-bearer – indigenous to the Persian milieu, and it yet speaks of the same longing and joy of anticipation which the adaptation deals with.
about the band

Ritam Sen and Dyuti Mukherjee are song-makers, if such a term exists. They write and compose songs as a team. Mono Aji is the result of their collaboration with various artists and musicians. Vocalists Lagnajita Chakraborty a...

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