• Amarrass Records


Amarrass Records was established in 2009 with the aim to deliver a world music experience that is inclusive, accessible and sustainable. Guided by the principles of fair trade, we strive to create an environment that encourages and nourishes the creative spirit of musicians and music lovers and reinvigorate traditional forms of expression through music and the arts. The staging of world-class musical events, music production & distribution, and education will be part of this process.
The name Amarrass is significant. A literal translation means “eternal essence”… this is how we feel about music. We often listen to music in flashes and fleeting moments, but its impact is long lasting. What stays with us are everlasting melodies, the glorious beats, an essence of the moment captured in rhythm. Built on a shared vision, passion and love for music, Amarrass Records is our attempt at finding and creating new solutions to address old issues and find a sustainable way forward to preserve, promote and enhance music that matters
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