• Anjan Majumdar


ANJAN MAJUMDAR himself a hindustani classical vocalist and guru also explores his musical talent and perceptions through making contemporary yet melody based lyrical compositions. His compositions are often very inclined towards underlying manifestations of our very own Indian Raga system yet not essentially Raag dominated.

As songwriter, composer and music director he introduced himself in the album ALOY-CHHAYAY-BOBA BANGMAYOTAY published from Cozmik Harmony,Kolkata in which Subhankar Bhaskar,Amrita Chatterjee and Moumita Mitra rendered his compostitions.The album got immense appreciation from music loving people in spite of having very limited marketing reach.

In the next project he has worked with a group of very promising and talented singers like Snigdhodeb Sengupta, Ipsita Ghosh,Soumi Majumdar and Manali Ghosh .The album name is ANURANON and is published from Music2000,Kolkata and digitally marketed by oklisten.com


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