• Baiju Dharmajan


Commanding an unparalleled fan base across India, Baiju Dharmajan is one of the best guitar players to have surfaced in the country in the last decade. His unique ability to infuse a mighty distinctiveness while giving life to hard-hitting distorted grooves as well as mellifluous clean tone melodic rhythms is the reason why he has emerged today a most wanted guitar instructor.
Voted twice as the best guitarist at the Jack Daniel’s Awards, There are elements in Baiju’s guitar playing that satisfies every one among the followers of Metal, Hard Rock, Fusion, Progressive, Blues or highly technical variants of rock music. The effortlessness displayed while making his guitar weep through the soul stirring patterns has enabled him to etch a stature that has resulted him getting more occupied that ever before.
Through the Dewarist Television series aired through Starworld Channel, Baiju Dharmajan collaborated with the internationally acclaimed composer, producer and multi percussionist Karsh Kale and the well known Edaka player and exponent Njeralathu Harigovindan to produce the composition named ‘Sacred Science’.
Baiju has composed and produced 2 highly accaimed albums ‘Insane Biography’ and ‘Maktub’ as a part of Indian progressive rock group Motherjane. Baijus debut solo album ‘The Crossover’ released in June 2012 through Cochym. With an experience of producing two epic rock albums with Motherjane, Baiju is today lending his expertise in being a music producer with new bands like Kaav. This exponent of a new mode of guitar playing named ‘Carnatic Shredding’ is in the threshold of creating more challenging never before tried musical synthesis.
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