• BeachDog


Beachdog is an eclectic, literate and versatile rock quartet from Pune, dedicated to writing, performing and recording original music. With influences ranging from Led Zeppelin to Tool, from Stevie Ray Vaughn to Nirvana, we create a sonic stew that swirls with history of Rock while still ringing in the future. 
Having been performing together for over three years now, we are tight live unit. Over this period we have also been humbled by the warm reception our sets, comprised as they are of only originals, have received across the city. A testament mostly to the open mindedness of the Pune audiences and only perhaps marginally to the quality of the songs. From an acoustic campfire ballad to a raging punk rock anthem, we can (as spam mails often say) keep them coming, all night! 
Having three songwriters with distinct sensibilities gives the songbook a depth that is not easy to achieve and having three voices harmonizing on these songs give the recordings an almost old-time charm. 
'Blood and Prayers' the debut album from BeachDog, comprising of 8 songs and one instrumental, was released by band owned The Lightnin' Label.
Since the release the band has continued to record, tour and collaborate with other musicians and DJ's. Some of this material is available for free download from the bands web site. The band has also release 3 videos that can be viewed on YouTube
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