• Bevar Sea


Bangalore-based stoner/doom/metal quintet Bevar Sea has been functional for the best part of two years now, having started out in late 2010, and having gathered an unprecedented cult following in the country in such a short span of time. Influenced by heavy blues-rock of the ‘60s and ‘70s, the band is focused on presenting classic heavy metal exactly the way it should be, by employing an organic, no-frills approach to songwriting and live musicianship.
The band draws inspiration from a plethora of highly influential bands, the obvious ones being Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Thin Lizzy, UFO, Rainbow, Saint Vitus and Sleep, along with some not-so-obvious names such as Cathedral, Orange Goblin, Grand Magus, Trouble, Pentagram, Electric Wizard, High On Fire and Kyuss.
Throughout their various live performances till date, Bevar Sea has paid tribute to these legendary acts with their own renditions of some classic tunes as well as deep cuts. They have done full sets of just Black Sabbath and early Pink Floyd songs, and have also done an exclusive show as a tribute to their other influences. But it’s their original material which is the most sought-after among fans.
The crowd favourite “Abishtu”, a song about a serial killer and his ride that goes around tormenting hipsters and is always on the run from the cops. The 14 minute doom and gloom epic in Mono Gnome, is a song about a midget, and the hots he has for a witch. Their commune results in a fire, because of a curse that the witch carries, that sets the world on fire. Another song of note, “Universal Sleeper”, has become their set opener of late with its twin guitars, the 70s style hooks, and the classic bluesy doom grooves. Set in limbo, a drug fiend spawns a generation of workers, a populace - bent on mind domination. The second part, the song titled “Sleeping Pool”, is when it all goes bad, and musically it takes the band to their doomiest and the bleakest yet. “The Smiler” is another live staple with its tip of the hat to the likes of classic Black Sabbath and Dio.
Mixing up their setlists help make their already powerful live act more interesting for both their existing fans and new audiences alike. The combination of this, along with their attention to great and unique artwork, and their DIY attitude to organising shows, self-releasing their album, and promoting themselves, have made Bevar Sea one of the most important bands in the Indian underground music scene in recent times. Bevar Sea is getting ready to spread the doom all over India and beyond! 
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