• Bhayanak Maut


Imagine a huge avalanche sliding down a mountain and you are right in its path, only, the avalanche is coming down holding guitars, and screaming its guts out. Bhayanak Maut ('Terrible Death' in Hindi) hails from Mumbai, the metal capital of India. And alongside other local metal bands, Bhayanak Maut paved the way for the New Wave of Indian Metal. All this, while laying waste to some of India's biggest cities and creating a fan base that's unheard of in the Indian scene.
Influenced by everyone, from local metal acts to international metal giants, Bhayanak Maut created a signature metal sound for itself. In its 10 years of existence, the band has played at some of the biggest gigs in the country, including, Independence Rock, Great Indian Rock festival and Channel [v] Launchpad. Not to mention the band's DIY attitude has helped them put out a full-length album and also made them a part of many Indian Metal Compilations. Their EP – Malignant, featured in FINE TUNED DISASTERS, a compilation, decapitated a couple of hundred fans.
Lead by Vinay and Sunny on vocals, Bhayanak Maut creates an honest yet brutal wall of music for people to pummel into. Their music is a blend of metal, hardcore and grind elements with groove. The twin-guitar attack of Aditya and Venky rips through with unparalleled veracity while being as vicious as possible. Rahul and Ishaan, on drums and bass respectively, boom their way through any problem while being Bhayanak Maut's titanium pillars.
More than anything, Bhayanak Maut thrives on playing live. Their epic stage act is already the stuff of legends. And the fun bit is that they take it a notch higher every time they get on stage. While the audience stays on their toes, witnessing a new Bhayanak Maut at every show.
The Bhayanak Maut evolution looks like it'll never stop and hopefully, it won't, for they're India's hope amongst a couple of other bands in the international scene.
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