• Bombay Black
B O M B A Y  B L A C K  H O L E 
The original crew of Bombay Black (1999-2001) presents BOMBAY BLACK HOLE - The Super-group album, massive remixes and hypergenre tour. The new indie 'order'  -  Sparking off a stellar line up of producers and key instrumentalists, Bombay Black Hole is a siren in the scene !
#Razz [Session9]
#The WitchHammer Tribute by Spycam
#Aphrodisia Redux by Audio Pervert
++ 11 Remixes by a host of emerging producers and bands
[Madboy Mink, Fuzz Culture, Fuzzy Logic, Frame/Frame, Shantam, Toymob etc]
#Line Up
'HEADSTOCK' Paresh Kamath [Guitarist, Ruff Poet, Hypnotribe, Kailash Kher]
'AUDIO PERVERT' Samrat B [Producer, Teddy Boy Kill, Core, SIMA, Synth Freak, DJ]
'FUNC' Randolf Correia [Guitarist, Producer, Shaair & Func, Pentagram, Func International]
Featuring -
'DARK CIRCLE FACTORY' Lindsay DMello [Producer, Composer, Drummer]
'INDUSTRY' Abhijit Nalani [Producer, Composer, Hit-Maker]
'TYRONE_DI_OXIDE' Tyrone Fernandes [Guitarist, Sound Engineer, FOH Live]
'BASS CAVE' Jaideep [Composer, Bass Player]
'NORTHFACE' Vibhas Rahul [Percussionist, Drummer, Grooverider]
'KITE' Naresh Kamath [Bass Player, Tech-Nerd, Singer]
Mastered by Tyrone Fernandes.
Art & Design - Audio Pervert.
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