• Candies and Chaos
Candies and Chaos is a four piece Funk Hard Rock/Experimental Prog band from Chennai, India. Formed in early 2018, the band saw it's origins when it's members met in college and started playing together. The band consists of Sarthak Dilawari (Guitars), Mehul Chattopadhyay (Drums), Utkarsh Singh (Bass) and Vedit Raisinghani (Vocals). Their music is an eclectic mix of genres incorporating elements of funk, hard rock, prog and even electronic music, which breathes new life into the never dying Rock and Roll.
Candies and Chaos, often styled as 'CAC' got the chance to perform at a number of prestigious events including the GoMAD Festival 2018 at Ooty alongside some amazing bands like When Chai met Toast, aswekeepsearching and Lagori to name a few.
They won a number of college level and semi professional competitions and even opened college proshows within the first few months of their inception. 
Candies and Chaos began their journey by writing their first song 'Bison Glory', which was followed by a number of other originals in various styles making everyone aware of their versatility and their ensuing prowess in the local music scene. Being from an engineering college, not all got the support that they needed from their families but the band members knew that they had to stick together and work towards their common goal. The band plans to release more original work in future.
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