• Caesars Palace


Caesars Palace is from Bangalore and loves to play live and let others feed of the love.
The band has been around since late 2006 and have come a long way as a band and musicians starting out as a kind of a local supergroup playing what was a new sound back then. From funk laced blues with eclectic changes and whacked time signatures to simple tunes that would end up in long jams was what kept the band together and has pushed them to write and do more. Always stepping away from norms like playing covers straight up as they were and also not shying away from less popular covers, the band has had its share of gigs and following around the country.
Despite being a band that kept away from competitions in their early days, Caesars Palace has played a host of gigs over the country including some biggies like headlining slots at Bangalore Habba(2007 and 2012), Eastwind Festival Delhi 2008, Great Indian October Fest Bangalore(2006 and 2007), Independence Rock 22 National Finals, College headliners at various colleges like Christ College, Sheshadripuram College, Cathedrals etc and a rather long list of pub gigs in Bangalore(Kyra, Opus, Legends Of Rock, Geoffreys etc) and Mumbai(Blue Frog, Hard Rock Café, Jazz).

The band is made up people who come from very very different musical backgrounds and band histories ranging from metal to jazz to acoustic folk – Kishan Balaji(Galeej Gurus, Extinct Reflections) is amongst the best drummers in the country and has been one of the best in Bangalore for a while. Wilson Kenneth(Moon Arra,Slow Down Clown) moved to bass with CP and has been moving up as one of the mainstays of bass playing on the jazz-­‐groove front. Anurag Shanker(Slow Down Clown) is a Mumbai based composer/producer and handles guitar duties for varous artistes and genres. Jason Zachariah(Allegro Fudge, Ex-­‐Thermal And A Quarter, Parousia) is a teacher and musical prodigy who has always been the first name that comes to mind when someone says “pianist” or “Keyboard player” in the south. Narayanan Nambudhripad(Ex-­‐ Wax,Half Step Down) works as a TV show producer at a business channel but is what drives the bands sound to ‘11’ with his cutting yet clean vocals.
After going on a brief hiatus owing to some members of the band moving out of Bangalore, the band regrouped in 2009 and subsequently recorded some songs on their debut EP – ‘Mindfield’(2010,Meteorik Records) which was very well received online and at gigs and has sold about 500 physical copies and many digital copies plus millions of streams on Spotify and Bandcamp. The band also put out a live bootleg of one their gigs at High Spirits in Pune in 2011 for free which was also downloaded in heavy quantities. What the band never stopped doing was writing new music and they are almost through with pre production on their full length debut and should be getting into the studios this summer to track the same. Until then the songs are gonna be played live, so lets keep those ears up!
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