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On our fourth anniversary, what better way to showcase the diversity of the music of country than to pick 10 tracks from different languages from around the country 


1. 'Naan Dhaan Veeran' by La Pongal, Project 1-  TAMIL 
2. 'Yaar Naal' by Kiran Ahluwalia, Aam Zameen- Common Ground-  PUNJABI
3. 'Jonaki Raati' by Papon, Jonaki Raati-  ASSAMESE 
4. 'Bhromor Koiyyo' by Oikyotan, Global Music Village- BENGALI
5. 'Wildfire- Dadhelo' by Bipul Chhetri, Sketches of Darjeeling- NEPALI
6. 'Bondhu Bine' by Lopamudra Mitra, Monfakira- BENGALI 
7. 'Nenjam Nenjam' by Endless Knot (Single)- TAMIL
8. 'Lolee' by Mame Khan, Mame Khan's Desert Sessions- RAJASTHANI
9. 'Napa Thorai Macha' by Imphal Talkies, When The Home Is Burning- MANIPURI 
10. 'Tunturu' by Hemanth Jois (Single)- KANNADA
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