• Dark Circle Factory
Apart from performing,the advent of technology and the need to write more music independently brought computers into focus in a really big way.
Home studios became very comfortable and convienient.
This mixture of computers,samples,softwares and live recordings at home and out is what gave birth to the Dark Circle Factory...............
Lindsay Dmello has been a performer for over 20 years, playing with different artistes and bands, different styles and different people the birth of DCF was kinda inevitable. His endeavour has been to explore music composition, production and collaborations.
Being a part of the Bombay Music scene he has been fortunate to collaborate with some of our countries finest musicians and some really close friends. The music is open to the listeners perception think what you want.
Its musical influences though come form styles like Funk Hip Hop Drum n Bass Rock and Pop.
Urban music is what it really is.
Inspired by life, travel and music.
Collaborations and spontaneity = spontaneous combustion

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