• Dhruv Angrish
Dhruv Angrish is a June 1989 born Music Composer/Singer/Lyricist and a very talented Guitarist who recently launched his first own composition “Main Hoon Chala” on various Social Networks like Youtube. He has been experimenting with various genres of Music from past 9 years in both Western and Indian.
             A guy born with an amazing voice started realizing his passion at the age of 14 when he started singing just as a hobby but with time it got a bit more personal than just a hobby, by the age of 17 he started composing music in his head and writing songs and those songs became stronger as the time passed and the hold of music in his life got so amazingly profound that he got addicted to being a composer and that is why at the age of 25 he left a well paid Engineering Job to totally pursue music, thereby taking his foot from the second boat to give a reason to his life.
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