• Emergence

At a time in India where the popular sentiment, tradition and practices were caught midway in a boat that neither belongs to us or the west, Emergence landed. Planting its feet firmly in traditions and practices that go way beyond in authenticity, so much so that even global differences cease to exist., Emergence has always stood contrary to the whole frenetic race that the world is running for.

A race to get ahead, a race to become richer and more successful and a race to run for fear of just standing still. Based out of the international township of Auroville, with a deep connection to nature, Emergence challenges this very race to become.

Emergence sound- 3 part continental cuisine and one part Indian curry At the heart of this whole experience is the Emergence Sound... Touted to be one of the more unique sounds to have come out of the ever growing Indian music scene, Emergence owes its sound to natural evolution, the natural evolution of diverse musicians coming to understand each other's musical culture and hence turning the existing contradictions into strengths... In the age of new age and fusion bands, Emergence demands attention of a different quality. Grounded in the multi traditions of jazz and Indian Classical music, Emergence retains the a strong popular element. any amount of words would fail in describing the Emergence experience that truly is to be listened to!

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