• How does OKListen help independent musicians?
    OKListen is a platform that helps independent musicians to monetise their music through distribution to digital music platforms. If you make original music, we can help you release it worldwide. OKListen has been the trusted platform that offers complete coverage of Indian platforms and a wide coverage of international music platforms.

    If you wish to distribute your music to streaming platforms, sign up with us now.
  • How do I start creating my artist account on OKListen?
    To start your registration process, go here. Before you get started, keep the following handy:
    - Band info and any 1 hi-res photo for the band page (Check https://www.oklisten.com/blackstratblues) (Resolution is 940 X 430)
    - Album info and 1 hi-res album artwork for the album page (Resolution is 3000 X 3000)
    - Songs in 44/16 or 48/24 wav format
    - Lyrics in a word doc (to be emailed separately) following these guidelines
    - Pricing details (per track, entire album) which you would want for the music on OKListen
    - Website, Facebook & Twitter details
    - Featured video link
    - Bank account details

    Please note that if your artist name is similar to or same as another artist whose music is already up on digital platforms, your artist profiles and discographies are very likely to get mixed up. To avoid this, we recommend doing a casual search on stores for similar artist names before you put out your release. To read more about this, go here.
  • Which assets do I need to submit in order to distribute my music to different platforms?
    You will need to provide:
    - Album info and 1 high resolution album artwork for the album page in square format. Resolution required is 3000 X 3000.
    - Songs in 44/16 or 48/24 wav format. We do not accept any other audio formats.
    - Lyrics in a word doc (to be emailed separately) following these guidelines
  • How long does it take for the music to go live on all platforms?
    It usually takes us about 2 weeks to process the music on all Indian and international platforms. Ideally, you should submit your music to us 2-3 weeks before your release date so we can make sure that it appears on all platforms on the date set by you. This will also give us enough time to pitch your music to the editors as various streaming platforms and see if they can help you promote the music.
  • What do I do if I need to release something urgently?
    It is recommended that you submit your music 2-3 weeks before the release date. If you need us to deliver your music urgently, please complete your registration and submission process right away. Once you have submitted your music, please shoot us an email at support@oklisten.com so we can get on it right away. Please note that music sent to us close to the release date may not be included in our pitch to the editors at streaming platforms.
  • Which genres and languages do you accept?
    We don’t have any restrictions on the language you sing in or the genre you perform. The more unique the better.
  • Can I distribute covers of other musician’s music?
    No, you can only distribute original music that you own the rights to. If you are using snippets from someone else’s music or making covers, make sure you get the rights from the original artist to distribute the music under your name. If you can show us a proof of them allowing you to distribute the music, we would be happy to help you out.
  • Can you help me plan my release?
    The trends and best practices for an impactful release vary over time and genres. As an artist, you are free to get creative and decide how you wish to put your release out. However, releasing your music can be stressful and you may need help in understanding the best method for releasing your music. Write to us at team@oklisten.com and an expert from our team will get in touch with you right away to help you through the process.
  • Are the pricing plans different for singles and albums?
    Yes, view our pring plans here.
  • Is the fee mentioned incurred on a monthly or annual basis?
    No, this is a non-recurring, one-time fee. We follow a pay-as-you-go format. You need to pay the fees to buy a credit for every release you put out. You won’t have to worry about paying anything to keep your release up.
  • What are ISRC and UPC codes? How do I get them?
    ISRC is a unique code that gets mapped to every track and UPC is a unique code that gets mapped to every release. If you are putting up a single, it will have an ISRC as well as a UPC. Every track on an album will have the same UPC but different ISRCs. We will generate UPC and ISRC codes for your music after you submit the assets to us at no extra charge.

    In case you need to know what the codes for your release are, write to us at support@oklisten.com
  • Why am I not able to register myself as an artist?
    If you are not able to move ahead from the artist registration page on OKListen, this might be because some of the information on the registration page is missing. Also, please make sure you are not using an email address that has been used to sign up on OKListen before (as a listener or musician). If that’s the case, please use a different address to register.

    Visit our sign up page for artists to create your account.
  • Will I be notified when my release goes up on all platforms?
    Our team will get in touch with you on the release date and send you a set of links where the music is available.
  • Will I be transferring the rights of my music to you after I submit it for distribution?
    No. When you purchase a credit with us, you will only be handing over the digital distribution rights to OKlisten.
  • Which stores do you deliver to?
    Refer to this image to view a fluid list of all the international stores we deliver to. We offer complete coverage across India and deliver to Gaana, Saavn, Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play Music, Amazon Music and Wynk.
  • Can you distribute ringtones or samples of my music?
    We cannot help you deliver your ringtones to our partner stores.
  • I want to release multiple singles and albums. Can you help me with a staggered release and pre-orders?
    Yes, our team would be more than happy in discussing the details of your upcoming releases and guiding you with the best release plan. We are able to set pre-orders and instant gratification (IG) tracks. IG tracks will help you release certain tracks before the release date of your album when you set the album for pre-order. Please get in touch with our team at team@oklisten.com to learn more.
  • I have a label and want to distribute my artists’ music via OKListen. What is the process and fees for label signups?
    We encourage label signups and would love to work with yours. We have some special plans for label accounts. For details on how to create your label account, write to us at labels@oklisten.com
  • How and when do you process payments?
    All payments related to global distribution are paid out once in 3 months.
  • How much money can I make from streaming platforms?
    The revenue share varies across platforms and subscription models. We share 85% of the entire revenue generated through your stream with you. For any queries regarding the payouts, write to payouts@oklisten.com
  • Can you help me in promoting my music?
    While we cannot do extensive promotional campaigns for our artists, we ensure that we give your release a push from our end. In addition to putting your music on digital platforms, we will: Give you shout-ous on our social media and newsletters Pitch your music to editors at streaming stores like Gaana, Apple Music and Spotify and try to get your music featured on certain playlists. Put your music on OKListen’s playlists on Apple Music and Spotify

    This does not cost you any extra money.
  • My release has been under review for more than 48 hours. How do I check the status of the release? Will it go live on the release date I had set?
    Rest assured that we will take the release live on the date set by you on OKListen. If you had submitted the assets to us well in time for the global sales date, we should have the links for other stores ready for you on the day of the release.
  • I uploaded my release but it got clubbed with another artist’s profile on streaming platforms. What do I do?
    Music by different artists getting clubbed under the same profile is a common occurrence. If your artist name is similar to or same as a different artist, your discography might end up getting mixed with that of the other artist. Before releasing your first piece of music, we recommend running a casual search on a popular streaming platform to see if an artist by the same name already exists. If they do, consider adopting a different artist name. With a unique name you can avoid a mix up of releases and ensure a smooth debut.

    If, after the release, your music does get clubbed with another profile, we can help you sort this out. Please get in touch with our support team to get this resolved at support@oklisten.com
  • Can I request for a takedown of my music once it has been delivered to streaming platforms?
    Yes, we can remove a release from all stores after it has been delivered. It takes about 7-10 business days for this change to reflect on all stores. Submit your request on support@oklisten.com
  • I noticed errors on my release page on streaming platforms. Can you make changes to a release once it has been submitted?
    Yes, we can make changes to the artwork, track titles and artist metadata after the release has been processed. It takes about 7-10 business days for this change to reflect on all stores. Submit your request on support@oklisten.com
  • Am I allowed to distribute my music to stores not covered by OKListen once I sign the agreement with your company?
    Yes, you can have your music delivered to other platforms as long as the platform is not covered under our list of deliverables. Write to us at support@oklisten.com to check if a store is covered under our list of deliverables before using another distributor.
  • I uploaded a video with my music on YouTube and received a copyright strike even though I own the rights to my music. Can you help me remove the claim?
    You should not be worried about your YouTube content being claimed. Our aggregator Orchard sends an audio fingerprint to YouTube when we deliver music to streaming platforms. This helps in protecting your music from being stolen and monetises the video on your behalf. If the claim is running on your video, it means that the revenue generated is coming to your bank account via us. If you wish to monetise your video on your own, we can remove the copyright claim within a few hours. All you need to do is share the link to the video with us at claimsrelease@oklisten.com

    A similar audio fingerprint is sent to SoundCloud, Facebook etc. We can whitelist your profiles if you need to upload your music on these platforms. Please note that whitelisting takes about 5-7 business days so it is better to submit your profiles before the release date.
  • I am not able to upload my music on SoundCloud. Can you help with getting my SoundCloud channel whitelisted?
    Our aggregator Orchard sends an audio fingerprint to SoundCloud when we deliver music to streaming platforms. This helps in protecting your music from being stolen. If you wish to upload your music on SoundCloud, you will have to get your profile whitelisted. Please share the link to your profile with us on claimsrelease@oklisten.com
  • Why is my music not available on Instagram Music?
    The catalogue on Instagram Music is very limited at the moment. We are trying to get our music up on the platform as soon as possible. We will update you once the process has been completed.
  • Can I submit my music to be used in web series, films and other video content?
    Yes, we are in touch with some video creators who are always looking for music they can use with their content. If you have distributed your music through us, we should be able to pitch your music and facilitate a sync deal. To know more about the process, write to us at support@oklisten.com
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