• What does it cost to sign up?
    We charge a nominal fee to distribute your music. These are mainly to cover our costs. You can view our Pricing Plans here
  • What do I need to sign up?
    You need to have original studio recordings of your music, artwork and an Indian bank account
  • What will we get if we are successfully signed up?
    You will receive a custom page (www.oklisten.com/yourbandname) and login credentials to view your downloads & sales. If you opt for global redistribution you may get separate credentials to check sales. Global redistribution takes your content to all major international digital stores like iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Saavn, Guvera, Apple Music India and international amongst others.
  • What sound formats do you accept?
    We currently accept only wav formats
  • Do you accept music in all Indian languages?
    Yes. We currently accept music in all languages & genres. Infact we encourage variety.
  • Can we submit singles?
    Yes you can. The choice of selling singles, EP or album is entirely yours. However for larger reach & higher visibility we recommend at least 3-4 singles when you start. Subsequently once you have got exposure, you can try releasing singles
  • Are the pricing plans different for Singles and Albums?
    The pricing is the same whether you submit a Single or an Album under the "Basic" or "Pro" plan. You will have to purchase a separate Basic/Pro plan for releasing each Single.
  • How long does it take for the music to go live?
    Music, once submitted through to us in the appropriate format, can be made live on OKListen.com for sale within 48 hours if requested by the artist. However, if you have purchased the PRO plan, it takes about 3 weeks for music to become available on international stores such as iTunes etc.
  • How & When do you pay out?
    We payout before the 15th of the month, all revenues tracked till the end of the previous month. All payments related to global redistribution are paid out once in 3 months
  • Can you get us gigs?
    No. We are not into the artist management space. You'll have to do that yourselves. But OKListen is a great destination frequented by a whole lot of folks interested in music. If they like your music, the word will surely spread
  • How do we start?
    All you got to do is sign up here
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