• What is OK Listen?
    OK Listen (www.oklisten.com) is a digital platform for independent musicians to sell their music. It is the first digital platform, which is pro-musicians which shares 70% of net revenue with the artists
  • What can I buy on www.oklisten.com?
    Currently you can buy mp3 songs submitted by the artists
  • How much does the music cost?
    The costs of each song and album vary since the artist decides it
  • How do I pay for the music?
    You can pay for the music using various online payment options, which will be made available on www.oklisten.com
  • When do I get the delivery of the songs that I purchase?
    The delivery of the songs is immediate. As soon as you purchase the music, it will reflect in your library, from where you can download the mp3 file
  • Is the music legal?
    Yes. All the music on OK Listen is 100% legal & genuine. OK Listen enters into individual agreements with the artists and the songs are submitted by the artists to be offered for sale
  • Can I buy individual songs?
    Yes you can purchase individual songs, if made available by the artist. Albums can also be purchased
  • Are these songs DRM free?
    Yes. All songs on OK Listen are DRM free
  • What format are the songs available in?
    Currently we support only mp3 format. Other formats may be introduced in the future
  • Do you allow refunds?
    No. Since this is a digital platform, music once purchased cannot be returned and hence no refunds are allowed
  • How much do the musicians or labels earn from the sale of music?
    The musicians are paid 70% of the net proceeds from the sale of their music. This money is paid out monthly. Your support means a lot to these musicians.
  • Have more questions?
    Feel free to write into us contact@oklisten.com
Musicians earn 70% of the net price of their music being sold on OK Listen | Support musicians you love | Buy legal music at www.oklisten.com