• Feathers in Space

Feathers in Space is an indie-pop duo, comprising singer-songwriters Radhika Mohite and Darren John D’Souza.

Their music is a result of their experiences and thoughts, with themes ranging from the weather to consumerism. Everyday things that inspire them are expressed through their music, which is intended for easy listening, with instruments such as the guitar and the ukulele usually accompanying their vocals and harmonies.

The name ‘Feathers in Space’ has a two part story. ‘Feathers’ signifies the love and fascination for birds and also the attribute of freedom. ‘Space’ refers to the Haiku concept of ‘Ma’, which represents the space between two structural parts, and how this space is essential for these parts to be defined.

Their songs aim to bring forth these elements in their melodies, their lyrics, and their live performances.


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