• Geetu Unplugged


Mumbai-based singer/songwriter Geetu Hinduja, who has been performing for over two decades, navigates through the musical terrains of contemporary folk, pop and soft rock with ease, bringing to her music a flavour that’s entirely her own. Accompanied by just a guitar, Geetu tells vivid, evocative stories in her songs that instantly transport the listener to the landscape of her mind. Geetu draws inspiration for her music from life itself – her hopes and dreams, the struggle to belong, and her identity as a woman in Indian society. From Rumi’s poetry to reflections of Mumbai’s street life, from Adi Shankaracharya’s contemplation of the self to the hypocrisy of modern life – all of it finds expression in her powerful voice and instantly memorable melodies.
While Geetu often performs a stripped down set during her singer/songwriter sessions, it is her band, Brown Folk that she turns to flesh out her singular compositions, turning them into lush, vibrant tunes that capture the depth of her imagination.
Brown Folk are Prasad Ruparel and Sriram Sampat and they form the core of Geetu’s ensemble. Prasad, a veteran of many bands and projects including fusion act Simha and Hindi rock band Prayag, plays the guitar and composes the music for Brown Folk. A long-time collaborator with Geetu, he first began playing the guitar at age 16 with Mumbai based rock band Blue Grass. When he moved to the U.S. in 1997 to study music and further hone his skills, he expanded his repertoire, playing country-western outfit the Wildhearts and classical guitar with trio No Strings Attached, while also producing and performing on This Life, an album by rock band Immigrunts. Prasad’s work on the guitar transcends genres and styles and brings to compositions a fluid harmony that’s a testimony to his understanding of the instrument.
Shriram Sampath is a versatile flautist who plays both the bansuri and the Western Flute. A disciple of renowned flute maestro Ronu Majumdar, Shriram brings to the table the rigorous training and discipline of Hindustani classical music, the fluid improvisation of jazz and an innate understanding of rock, pop and folk. As an active session’s musician, he has contributed to a number of jingles and short films and accompanied artists from numerous genres. He also plays with his own fusion band Filter Coffee that dabbles in everything from folk to vocal percussion, and has performed at various prestigious festivals including the Kala Ghoda Festival, The Delhi International Arts Festival and the Tansen Thyagaraja Festival.
The band is also accompanied by a bass player and a percussionist
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