• Genesis Foundation
Genesis Foundation is a private charitable foundation in India. We facilitate critical medical care for abandoned and lesser privileged children with the intent and hope that such children may have an opportunity to lead a normal life and manage themselves in the future. 
The Genesis Foundation trust was established in 2001 by Prema Sagar, Principal & Founder, Genesis Burson- Marsteller and Jyoti Sagar, Founder Partner J Sagar Associates, both of whom are Founding Trustees. 
The Foundation is committed to supporting orphans and children from lesser privileged backgrounds. Our benefactors are those children who are critical and require immediate medical intervention to be able to survive. We provide assistance for the treatment of critical illnesses such as cancer, cardiac disorder, organ failure, thalassemia and extreme deformities. We work with several homes and institutions in many cities all over India. 
Over the years the Foundation has established itself as a charitable foundation in India, resulting in today receiving many requests each month to support children in life threatening conditions. In most cases the family’s financial condition is even below the poverty line and thus cannot save the life of the ailing child. The Foundation’s aim is to support these wonderful little children and help Save a Life. Due to the nature of these illnesses the medical costs are very high and to save the life of a child suffering from a cardiac disorder (hole in the heart) the operation cost is approximately Rs 80,000/-, To help a child suffering from cancer or thalassemia, that may require a bone marrow transplant, the cost varies from Rs 8, 00,000 to 12, 00,000/- 
As a charitable foundation in India, Genesis Foundation provides the child with the necessary medical and financial support and helps him/her to be able to recover from their critical conditions and sustain themselves.
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