• Grey Shack


Grey Shack comprises of a bunch of comics who enjoy inebriation. Sorry, music. The brainchild of Vikram, Rohan and Tomojit, Grey Shack was formed sometime in mid-July 2007, after which they went on to play gigs (read competitions) in and around the wonderfully wonderful city of Chennai. Underground 2007 hosted by The Unwind Centre provided Grey Shack with a launch pad to showcase their music, and the band ended up winning the competition, making their presence felt in the Chennai circuit very early on. More competitions and many gigs later, Grey Shack has now cemented its place in the Chennai music scene. Their music is an eclectic mix of Rock N' Roll, Grunge, Funk and Blues, thus, the non-conformity to stick to a particular genre. Like most bands that have had line-up changes, Grey Shack now has a revamped line up, which has led to an evolution of the band's sound. The members draw their influences from numerous acts, which only add to versatility of Grey Shack's music. So sit back, rather, stand in front of the stage, pop a beer (or anything more suited to your well-being) and listen up. 
Grey Shack is
Rohan Sen – Vocals
Vikram Vivekanand - Guitars / vocals
Madhav Ravindranath - Bass
Vinay Ramakrishnan - Drums
Rohan (Vocals) - Rohan has been brought up on a diet of Elvis, The Beatles, The Who and other such acts from the glorious 60s and 70s. Ever seen Winnie the Pooh getting it on with a mic stand?
Vikram (Guitars) - A guitarist who started off idolizing the quirky haired glam metal bands from the 80s, its SRV and Hendrix that he worships now. Heavily influenced by the blues, Vikram contributes to the raw, edgy sound of Grey Shack. He's also an official Godin Guitars India artist and is associated with Bhargavas Musik Mumbai. He is completely anal about guitars in general. Never get him to start talking about guitars. 
Madhav Ravindranath (Bass) - Maybe the odd one out, because he likes a lot of metal. But we still love him and he can really rock! And that's why he's our bassist. He owns a Japanese Precision bass built by Fender in 1964, yet he chooses to use his Madras made Tulsi custom bass! He was also seen dancing to desi music at a popular club in Madras. 
Vinay Ramakrishnan (Drums) - Drawing influences from Mike Portnoy, Carter Beauford, Aaron Spears and even having learnt from Benny Greb for a short period, Vinay is one of the hardest rocking drummers that you can find in Madras. He can really lay down a groove! He also doesn't have a drum kit. Yep...he sold it, and then he started playing more. 
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