GRiMMoRTaL is a Deathcore band from Navi Mumbai formed in the summer of 2009 which plays a heavily down-tuned, groovy and technical but melodic style of extreme metal, basically combining the band members' various influences ranging from Death Metal, Grindcore, Slam Death, Metalcore and some more thereby resulting in heavy, neck-breaking headbanging and some major mosh.
It started when Joy (Guitars), Deep (Vocals) and Prateek (Bass) felt the need to play some extreme metal. They found a drummer in Saurav who had to leave a year later due to musical differences. The search for a good metal drummer finally led Joy switching onto Drums. Vivek (Guitars) and Rahul (Vocals) who were close friends of the band from the start joined in and the new line-up started playing live. Currently, Prateek & Rahul are accompanied by Nikant & Elvis (Guitars) along with Emmanuel taking care of drumming duties for them gigs.
After successful major gigs in Rajasthan, Kolkata and various gigs in and around town, in March 2012, they shared stage with Grindcore legends NAPALM DEATH (U.K.) and Arsames (Iran) in Kathmandu, Nepal as they were a part of Metal Mayhem IV. This was a milestone for the band.
Lyrically, the themes are as diverse as motivating ourselves about not laying low and emotionally depressed without necessity (Why So Emo?) to releasing the rage and hatred in a constructive way (Burn In Peace). From somehow digesting the happenings of the corrupt and unfair (Resistance) to speaking about the chaotic and unstable mental state that is the result of years of pain and suffering (Tormented). The latest track talks about the thoughts of complete eradication of humankind as the phrase goes 'kill or be killed' (Fatality). Newer additions to the setlist include the songs Abomination, Pantomime & Refrag all of which can be found in the band's debut full-length album, Execrating Normality.
GRiMMoRTaL is:
Prateek Keni - Bass
Rahul Nair - Vocals
Nikant Sharma - Guitars
Elvis - Guitars
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