• Jai Vaswani


Jai Vaswani was born in Queens, New York on 25th November, 1987. In '92 his family moved to India. Studying at Campion School, Mumbai, he realized his love for music at a very young age. Jai, a budding musician who played the piano, harmonica, flute and tabla during his school years, took to DJ'ing right out of school. Having performed at several nightclubs around Mumbai City under the alias "Nanok", he knew his next step was to start composing and producing his own music.
In 2010 he went to Point Blank Music College, London and completed modules in Music Production, composition and remixing. In 2011 he setup his company - Black Flower Music. Bitter is his first production project and is fueled by his desire to popularize English Electronic music in India.
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