• Jayanthi Kumaresh
Dr. Jayanthi Kumaresh is India’s torch bearer worldwide for Saraswati Veena, the National Instrument of India. An artiste, collaborator, composer, researcher, creator, pioneer, and educator – Dr. Jayanthi’s life achievements over 30 years, truly embodies the rich musical heritage of India - making her one of the legendary Veena masters that India has ever produced. 
A sixth generation musician, she began playing the Veena since age of 3. She has proudly represented India at several prestigious venues and festivals in India and has performed at several international festivals such as San Francisco Jazz Festival, Darbar festival, Queensland Music Festival, Darwin Music Festival, Adelaide Music Festival and at prestigious venues such as U.N, New York, Palladium, Indiana, Theatre de la Ville, Paris, to name a few.
A pioneer, Dr.Jayanthi is the founder of the Indian National Orchestra(INO) that features 21 star musicians from all over India, in a first of its kind National Orchestra for Indian classical music.
Blending the traditional and the innovative in her music in terms of content, technique, virtuosity and expression, Jayanthi seeks to express the true voice of the veena, which transcends the boundaries of language and region.   
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