• Jester


A band formed in 2008 in Kirori Mal College’s prestigious music society “Musoc”.
Initially a college band, Jester performed at numerous college competitions and Semi pro events winning in almost every event they took part in. Within two years of being formed and playing a number of gigs, they decided to stop competing and focus more on playing shows .
The current Jester Line up consists of 
Dhruv Goel - Vocals
Pranav Pahwa - Guitars
Shantanu Sudarshan - Drums 
Akshay Dwivedi - Bass
Harshit Jain - Programming and keyboards.
Each member of Jester has diversified interests in music which collaborate to form some very interesting results. With influences ranging from Jazz, Jazz Fusion, Prog, Funk, EDM, Indian classical. With lots of parts changing and new ideas being thrown around there’s never a dull moment in a set played by Jester or in the jam room.
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