• Just Ittefaaq
Just Ittefaaq is a project born through the collaboration of a mother-daughter duo who inspire each other to create meaningful music.
Lyricist Polly Saghera says that her love affair with her writing remained absolutely private until her diary was discovered  par hasard by her daughter Jasleen Aulakh (lead vocalist and director of ‘Just Ittefaaq’).
After having worked with two like minded musicians - guitarist Rohit Joshi and drummer and percussionist Gaurish Sood (meeting whom was also a pre - destined coincidence,) on the first album titled ‘Polly’s Diary’, Jasleen now often collaborates and performs with various other musicians from all over India and the world representing ‘Just Ittefaaq’ with each musician skilled in their individual forte contributing their own respective bits and adding new flavor to the music. From fusing some Flamenco Style guitar in their act with Peruvian guitarist Willy Gamarra to experimenting on an Indian folk tune with a Chello , the idea is to create new sounds while keeping the music earthy.
With Jasleen singing and playing the rhythm and a lead guitarist, the percussionist who plays for Just Ittefaaq now is also an accomplished young gentleman by the name of ‘Naaz’ who is well versed in Hindustani Classical music and also adept at the tabla.  Bass guitarist Nitin Prashar has recently started playing the lead guitar with Just Ittefaaq as well.
Keen on using unconventional instruments to express themselves and Inspired mostly by folk and Sufi music, they present melodies that appeal to one and all. With Polly Saghera as their lyricist, the field is extensive and does not stop at any particular language either. This band breaks free from all confinement of language and genre playing anything from folk music to slow rock and country music with Jasleen singing in Hindi, English, Punjabi and French as well. Music, they  believe is a language that transcends all barriers.
Despite its recent origin, ‘Just Ittefaaq’ has gained popularity with music lovers all over. 
With songs like ‘Paisa paisa’ and ‘Supna’(a song written in honour of the girl child in India) having received such a warm reception by the listeners, the band considers it a great achievement to have successfully managed to make people enjoy being faced with the realities of life and to have got them thinking rather than romanticizing every event of life. 
Project 'Just Ittefaaq'  aims at making meaningful music without sermonizing.
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