• Jim Ankan


Jim Ankan Deka is a musician, documentary film maker, an entrepreneur and a known face in the Music Scenario of Bangalore. This Guwahati-born is the son of noted Assamese Economist and Writer Late Bhabananda Deka and Assamese Poet Nalini Prava Deka.
Jim picked up the guitar at the nascent age of three and thus began his love affair with music. Right from his school days, Jim demonstrated an active interest in music and had performed with many popular artists as a bassist, pianist and lead guitarist. He also plays the organ, classical guitar, percussion instruments like Tabla, Drums, Congo, Zembe and folk instruments like Dhol, Khol, Khanjari, Do Tara etc.
Jim Ankan owes his recognition to his premiere Music Institute “Eastern Fare Music Foundation”, which today, is one of the premiere and most noted Music Schools in Bangalore. The institute was established in the year 2008, with the intent of imparting academic music knowledge to the people of Bangalore, however, over a period of two years Eastern Fare has branched into a Music Club, a welfare organization and a stockpile of information about the North East India. The acoustic rock band Eastern Fare is a by-product of this institute; the institute has also promoted bands like Veenar, Anarchy etc.
A graduate in Tourism Studies and a digital media enthusiast, Jim Ankan has combined the two interests spinning off the North-East India Page on Facebook. Maintained by the Eastern Fare group, the Facebook community page “North East India” is an incredible reservoir of information with the most unusual and fascinating facts, places, tourist information customs as well as people. The page aims to create a positive image for the understated North East India by mentioning all the notable facts and figures about the land, and with over 15000 followers, the page can be credited as successful in its endeavour.
Jim’s musical idols include revered musicians like Eric Johnson and Justin King. He also maintains Facebook and Twitter pages for both of them. Back home he idolizes Dr. Bhupen Hazarika for his excellence in song writing. Jim enjoys listening to Indian artists Remo Fernandez and Alisha Chinnoy. When he isn’t playing or teaching music, Jim fiddles with a video camera and some editing softwares.
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