• Jitesh Mehta


An artist at heart and a rhymer by wit, Jitesh has only recently started exploring lyrics writing and composing music as his chosen career. He has spent over 8 years in the music industry, working with two of the most popular private fm channels in different positions. 
This exposure to the music and entertainment industry gave him an understanding of the music for the ears and music for the heart. What started out as singing parodies on big bosses and jam sessions with friends has now become a passion and way of life.
Starting out as a music and entertainment entrepreneur, Jitesh had brought out his first music album in Jan 2013. He is also working on a book of Hindi contemporary poetry soon to be released. Most of Jitesh's writing is inspired by people around him, their life stories and his own experiences. Keen observer of human behaviour and complex relationships, Jitesh has the capacity to be sensitive as well as cheeky when needed!
Paving the Bollywood path, Jitesh means to make his contribution to the Hindi Cinema. Jitesh has written, composed and produced several corporate songs and acted in a few ad films. 
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